Teresa Lloyd – Boise, Idaho:

Let me start by saying, I've never been to or needed a podiatrist before. I had been having foot pain since May of this year and then sometime in November, it got much worse in a different place. Initially, I went to see an urgent care doctor and was told that my pain was a neuroma (nerve issues). I disagreed because none of the symptoms I described were included in the 'helpful' sheet of factual information that the quick care doc gave me. I started hunting around and found Dr. Blackmer through Google reviews and made an appointment immediately. When I came into the office, I immediately felt at home. I was given a lot of helpful (though un-requested) information about toenail fungus and then Dr. Blackmer came in. He knew just after prodding at my foot that I had fractured my toe. He took a look at the xray that I had brought from the other doctor and confirmed it, gave me a boot and told me to come back in three weeks. He is very personable and obviously knows his stuff. He doesn't make you feel like just another patient, but like a person. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a podiatrist and don't know where to go.

Mary Sedlasek – Boise, Idaho:

While I was in his office for the first time, Dr. Blackmer and I were visiting about my past medical history which includes breast cancer, chemo and the onset of neuropathy (numbness) in my feet & toes. Dr. Blackmer told me about a treatment he had available which has been proven to either help or greatly improve my symptoms. I immediately wanted to try them. After his CET treatments I am delighted to report that my neuropathy is nearly all gone. He is a caring person who wants to help his patients. I certainly recommend these treatments -- they work! MS

Karen Foley – Meridian, Idaho:

Doctor Blackmer takes the time to really listen to his patients concern. My husband was battling an issue with his feet for years. We went to several doctors explaining the problem and nothing they did solved the issue. Our first visit to Doctor Blackmer, he knew what was causing it and how to treat it! And today my husband does not have any more foot problems. A month ago he did bunion surgery on my foot, and when I went in for a follow up the nerves in my foot were so sensitive that I had quite a bit of pain. He did a procedure on my foot that he uses to treat neuropathy, and after a 20 minute treatment, the pain and sensitivity was gone! Doctor Blackmer was able to hold my foot and move the large toe back and forth! I was amazed at the difference it did for me. I would highly recommend Doctor Blackmer, and also the treatment he does for people that suffer from neuropathy!

Steve Osburn – Boise, Idaho:

I had a problem that I had been ignoring until it was extremely painful. He worked me in the day I called and addressed it that day. He took his time and didn't rush and made a point to get to know me. He's was great, I highly recommend him.

Geanette Schmerber – Boise, Idaho:

I took my 11 year old son to Blackmer Foot and Ankle for an ingrown toenail. He was in a lot of pain. Dr. Blackmer did an excellent job with him for his comfort level and pain management through the entire procedure. I would recommend him to anyone for their foot care. Thank you Dr. Blackmer for your patience care giving. HIs staff is also very warm and friendly. "Thank you Dr. Blackmer for letting me decide when I was ready it helped me to not be so scared." -Jaden S.

Lloy Peterson – Boise, Idaho:

Dr. Blackmer and his staff took care of my calluses and offered me advice and answers for problems with my feet that have been bothering me for years. I would highly recommend them/him to anyone unsure of whether or not to seek specialist help with everyday problems with your feet.

Debbie Hood – Boise, Idaho:

Dr. Blackmer was very patient and concerning with listening and making me feel like I was important and has time for me. Is conscientious of my financial situation. Was eager to work with me and my insurance. I feel like he really knows what he is talking about. A straight shooter..

Brenda Showalter – Boise, Idaho:

I have had periodic foot pain for years but never visited a doctor to determine the cause. The pain and frequency had increased in the past few months and reached the point that I finally set out to find a podiatrist. I selected Dr. Blackmer based on the reviews I had read. I figured I should take the time to write one too as it may help others select a podiatrist. This doctor is fantastic! He listens to you and really takes the time to thoroughly understand the problem. Dr. Blackmer diagnosed my issue (neuroma) and started treatment the same day. He explained everything in detail and he clearly outlined the treatment plan, which is really refreshing. He was very personable and knowledgeable. I have complete confidence my issue will be resolved under his care and guidance.

Brad Stout – Boise, Idaho:

It is awkward having to seek medical attention for foot fungus. Dr. Blackmer and his staff, Jenny and Bree made me feel completely at ease and comfortable in his office. On follow-up visits, they remembered me, my name, and previous office visits. If your feet are ugly from athletes foot, ingrown nails, etc. and you are embarrassed to go to a doctor, wait no longer. They have seen everything there and they want to help you find relief. I strongly recommend Dr. Blackmers office.

Richard Holtz – Boise, Idaho:

I have had chemotherapy induced, peripheral neuropathy in my feet for 14 years since a very heavy round of chemotherapy, especially Vincristine. Dr. Blackmer treated me with the Combination Electroanalgesia Therapy (CET) protocol. Amazingly, to me, it lessened the neuropathy in my feet by about 90%, by my judgment. Importantly, my balance is much improved and my stride is nearly normal again. Dr. Blackmer is very professional and personable and I am happy to highly recommend him. RR Holtz, Boise, ID

Steve Reynolds – Nampa, Idaho:

I have been to several other foot specialist over the last 30 years to find no releif of foot pain until I met Dr. Blackmer and his staff. In the past 5 months with Dr. Blackmer I went thru a 6 week course of CET treatment and had surgery on both feet. I finally have releif of pain in my feet. Thank You goes out to Dr. Blackmer and all of his staff for their awesome care and in getting my business from now on.

A Google User:

Very happy with my decision to pick Dr Blackmer to fix a painful bunion on my foot. Office assistants were also excellent and friendly. It was just a pleasant office enviroment where you dont feel like a number. I had very little pain with the surgery, was able to get around fine but the swelling took a little time. Better now than I was before surgery. thanks again

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